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Boehm System Flutes

Mollenhauer Wooden Boehm System Flute c1920 2007 repad and crack repair by Bruce Clark.  
    AFL001 $2200.00

Boehm system Flute, Wood, C Foot    AMB057 $1500.00
Romilly Graduate, made for Rudall Carte, metal Boehm flute, Serial #338827,       AMD044 $600.00
Penzel wooden     AMD093 $2900.00

M. Earl, barrel embouchure, silver c. 1888, case, rare             AMI075 $4000.00

English & American Simple System Flutes

Anonymous, 8 key, c1840  
    AMB017 $900.00

Ebblewhite, London, 8 key, c1860       AMI094 $1800.00

Wallis, London, 8 key, c. 1850          AMI095 $1900.00

Bacon & Weygandt 8 key, fancy flute, c1835       AMI100 $3000.00

Clementi, 8 salt spoon, BM, fancy heads & bands          AMI108 $1800.00

Clementi, 8 key, c. 1830, fancy turned head & Bands    AMI112 $1600.00

Anonymous, inlaid holes, embouchure plate, in Eb AMI114 $1400.00

Anonymous English, 8 key       AMI115 $1700.00

Dulcet, c1840, 8 key         AMI117 $1200.00

Norton circa 1840, 4 keys       AMI118 $1300.00

Evans, c1830, 8 keys           AMI120 $2000.00

Keith Prowse, London, 8 key, c. 1840       AMI126 $2200.00

Firth Hall & Pond 4 keys c1825       AMI463 $1600.00

Anon c1840 inlaid toneholes lined embrochure large holes. Pitched in Eb. Perfect for those Eb sessons that are very popular in Ireland. Needs an overhaul and a crack in the barrel & headjoint repaired but sounded nice with just covering the crack in the barrel. A nice instrument!       AMI531 $1700.00

Gerock, 8 key, c1835 needs work            AMI899 $500.00

French Flutes

Five key, Gautrot, great for Cuban music, had cracks repaired AMI467 $1200.00

Deposee, 8 key, ebony  
  AMI903 $850.00

German Flutes

Eight Key needs restoration c1900  
    AMB039 $375.00

Eight Key needs restoration c1900, one key missing         AMB041 $200.00

Anonymous, 8 key      AMI140 $175.00

Anonymous, 8 key      AMI143 $300.00

Anonymous, 8 key, metal head      AMI148 $200.00

Anonymous, 12 key      AMI153 $300.00

Anonymous, 8 key, blackwood         AMI160 $200.00

Eight keys       AMI166 $175.00

Anonymous, 10 key metal headjoint         AMI541 $400.00

One Key Flutes

Longhurst, NY, c1840, crack in barrel joint  
      AMI119 $600.00

Hof Richter, plays Eb, Boxwood & Horn    AMI167 $1000.00

Flute Firth & Pond c1840 head joint has a pinned crack in the back but needs to be refilled.        AMI175 $500.00

Hof Richter, in F, Boxwood & Horn     AMI178 $1000.00

Anon, c1840 in F       AMI183 $300.00

Unusual Flutes

Five key, solid metal flute, sleeve mount, c1890, unusual  
    AMB067 $900.00

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